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  1. This picture is really heart warming. It reminds me of my mom and how much she loves me =)

  2. Son, I’m kicking you out! You can’t just laze around mud holes all the time.. so get that big bum outta my way!’

    (That is part of a convo every son and mother have at some time).

    I don’t feel happy. I am really, really sad. Please help someone.

  3. Baby hippo:I need a little lift
    Momma hippo: Oh son, I’ll lift you.
    Baby hippo:YAY!!!

  4. Baby hippo:Mummy, all my fwends can swim ! why won’t woo tweach mwe?
    Mummy hippo: darling, it’s much easier this way.

  5. i am the biggest most dangerous plum you will ever encouter

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