32 Replies to “113”

  1. Goodbye family its time to jump!
    5 min later….
    I cant i just cant , i have to live here for the rest of my life….
    Haha this is jokes ! =D

  2. I….have….to….jump….NOW! No…. I just can’t no, i have to no, i can’t…. Oh, just forget it!

  3. Ahhh eeek! That was close, I almost fell..you know, the edge? I almost fell off da eeddge!

  4. Mmm-mm. Here comes Sticky, king of the dog poo bin. Just gotta retain my balance….. yup. retaining the balance. and cool with it. yup. i’m cool. cool Mr Sticky. OH GOD NO!

  5. The hell are you looking at? Can’t a frog climb a damn wall without having it’s motives questioned?

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