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  1. it’s whats on the inside that counts, friends love eachother for who they are, not what they look like, right?

  2. You can trust me, man. It’s all good… it’s all good! Come on in… Let me introduce you to my brothers.

  3. I was raised in the country. I did chores on the farm, went fishing and camping a few times (sometimes by myself) – but I had no friends, not even someone to write to.
    By the time that I was twelve years old, I was put into public school… and, at first, everyone seemed nice. I hadn’t made any friends, but I found a worst enemy – Dustin W.
    Soon, he had gotten half of the seventh grade into a group that had only one objective – to kick my a**.
    The next year, in 8th grade, the group had gone but the students’ hate for me had only grown.
    There were times when he was about to get into major trouble, but I stepped in a few times to help him out. There were even a few time that I “took the bullet” for his actions.
    He got to know me for who I am, and now he takes pride in calling me his friend.
    And I’ll tell you this: I am just as proud to call him MY friend!

  4. I love you. but im still nervous about meeting your parents… I just think they’ll eat me alive!

  5. ZEBRA: (sheds tears) Forgiveness and peace, at last!

    LION: Forgiv… no, wait… I’m still hungry.

  6. After befriending his lunch, all old Leo had to do was wait for his guard to drop…

  7. Zebra: “There, there. Don’t cry. I know Mufasa died, but “The Lion King” has a happy ending, you know!”

  8. That’s just the saddest picture ever ! The lion is not hugging the zebra, he’s about to cut the zibra in slices ! (the pun ins’t on purpose)

  9. If your think’n ’bout be’in my baby, it don’t matter if your black or white… Oh wait… your both…

  10. You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

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