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  1. what!! penguinz cant fly!! oh! i got it! im magical! magis is real!! i do believe in fairys i do i do!

  2. see i could prove to you that penguins could fly!!!! now thise other mocking birds can’t mock us anymore!!! hahahaha

  3. When there’s a smile in your heart
    There’s no better time to start
    Think of all the joy you’ll find
    When you leave the world behind
    And bid your cares good-bye
    You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!

    (from Disney’s Peter Pan)

  4. “he’s flying, he’s flying, he’s really really flying!!”
    ~spongebob lost episode

  5. MY sisters ex boyfriend would hate that he hates penguins because one hung of his arm BY MOUTH!!!!

  6. I just lost one of my very best friends, but this reminds me that she is in Heaven and that I can carry on and see her again when my time comes. Until then I must keep the faith that Jesus will one day take me to her again. I love you Helen. Hope you get this message in Heaven. See you when I see you.

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