28 Replies to “128”

  1. Lose the tux, man! This here is a nude beach! Sheesh! You’re sticking out like a polar bear at a goth convention!

  2. So the lawyer says to the doctor, do that again and I’ll see you in tennis court! Get it! Get it!

  3. “Yes, a CLONE Army… and soon, it MUST be COMPLETE! (cough, cough!)
    The Jedi Master, Sifo-Dyas, REQUESTHS it of you, hehehe… (cough!)
    Me? I am… a JEDI, I ASSTHURE you… (cough, cough)
    … yes…”

  4. no!u listen to me mama!i didnt want to come here in the first place.AND NOW WHERE STUCK!

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