15 Replies to “255”

  1. Its okay mom…
    When I get big and strong I’ll go after that damn zebra I called dad and make him sorry for leaving us!

  2. Mommy, when I’m older, can I… whisper whisper whisper

    … NO. You are ABSOLUTELY not allowed to go out with a zebra! I did, and look at you!

  3. Baby Tapir:”Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mama. Hey mom. Mommy. Mama. Mom. Mom. Mummy. Momma. Mom. Mom…”
    Mother Tapir: -exhasperated- “Yes dear, what is it?!”
    Baby Taper: -whispers- “I love you.”

  4. i will never talk to her she smells like pooo and acts like a annoying loser i hate her i wish i could hurt but i cant like kinda slap her on the face
    when shes so annoying

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