23 Replies to “269”

  1. ~girl cat that is lighter and shorter~ “beatiful, isn’t it???” ~ boy cat that is darker and taller~ “yes! but you are MORE beatiful!”

  2. 1st Cat : “Did you see that mouse over that block of apartment behind the trash can?”
    2nd Cat : “Which trash can? The blue one, right?”
    1st Cat : “Yea”.
    2nd Cat : “Sure, didn’t you see that mouse is hello-ing us from there?”

  3. Taller Cat: Wo, look at those pwetty lights.
    Smaller Cat: Wait, Is ’tis our honeymoon?
    Taller Cat: I don’t know why?
    Smaller Cat: Becuz I wuv you.♥

  4. Cat#1: The cars, they all look like little ants!
    Cat#2: Together my friend, we can chase them all!!!

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