35 Replies to “31”

  1. Well at least now you don’t have to LIE to your teacher about what I did to your homework.

  2. this suck no offence but that make me fell even more sad homeworks that’s the best u can do again no OFFENCE but u suck!!!!!!

  3. Oooo… I dunno… I’m not sure I’ve got a good enough footing to get ALL the way to the glass box. No, no… I have to do it! It’s a matter of pride! I just HAVE TO see the look in those fishy’s eyes when I splash water ON THEM!!

  4. Eewwww! I got some of the ink from the Comics on me. I tell ya… Ya lick and you lick and ya just get dirty AGAIN! Damn soy ink!

  5. No… I’m helping your self-esteem… An empty desk is a sign of an empty mind. You don’t want to end up like the dog, do you?

  6. Just LET that dog try to find me… Wait… What is that?? Why does my tail feel wet? Oh ssshhhhhiiiítttt, not again!

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