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  1. okay, chester, sally cami, caroline, john, james, dave, julia, CHRISS!!?!??! WHAT R U DOING TALKING TO THAT BIRD??? if only ur father wasnt at a buisness trip to the dumpster… this vacation would be a lot easier!

  2. Finally! Freedom from the molly-coddling, overbearing clutches of the Queen! Ach. Feel that sea breeze softly ruffling your fur. The sand between your paws. The hot sun caressing your ears. Run, my comrades! run! run! RUN!

    … 10 minutes later.

    Wow. I’m pooped. Just lie down for a bit. I really do like the wild. I do. Honest. I dont miss my soft blanket at the palace at all. Or my delicious… luxury dog..food…. or my special spot by the radiator… or dear old prince charles, stroking my ears at night… or my flushable toilet….

    Come on fellas! Back we go!

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