14 Replies to “404”

  1. tried to write you a note.darling photos.you need repairs here. can’t send ANY of the photos. and when one tries to send a caption..it will continuously respond that it has been used. in this day and age these websites should run like a charm. SOMEONE has the smarts to fix your problems. It’s a good thing the animals are so sweet..cause that’s all there is… and that is too sad. I will get back to check this out. I wonder if your advertisers are aware of your problem..maybe they could help with some repairs. take care.

  2. OMG! Stop sewing and come play with me! I’sm playing Godzilla. RAWR!!!! I am scary! You must fear me! (:

  3. Yummy! Bunny munchies….nomnomnom you….us you…. please…. whatever you do….. DON’T TELL MY OWNER ON ME. Yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bunny munchies!!!! Omnomnom…. I saw this pic and it made me smile instantly 😀

  4. Yummy carrot….. mmmmmmmmm, sssssssoooooooo……Good…… sorry, what did you say? I was daydreaming again….

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