38 Replies to “42”

  1. Get up daddy! You still have to pick me up 99 more times. That’s why I tell you to lose weight but no who listens to me. See this is what happens when you don’t listen to the kid Daddy. Either this or hit the treadmill .

  2. Kitten: Tee Hee funn timeez in de mini bathtub 😀 xxxx
    Cat: Haa haa yesh little kitteh (…turn on that tap and your effing dead!)

  3. Kitty: You smells like shampoo
    Cat: You’re just lucky you didn’t smell me BEFORE I got in here.

  4. The human put us here…(Looks at camera and squints eyes) I despise you human, but this feels great.

  5. Mommy? You can’t DROWN in this sink, can you?
    Oh, no, honey. Just dont lean back and turn the nozzle. Then your screwed.

  6. Simon Cowell: Felicety E, that was not that good. IT WAS RUBBISH
    David: *hugs Simon* Aw! Simon you loved it

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