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  1. im sad because i usually get all A’s and B’s and in geometry i am one point away from a b yet i still got grounded!Curse this online grade check program!!!!!!!

  2. I’m still sad. I looked at all the photos. Nothing happened. I’m only 10 and im still SAD help me.

  3. Dear Poptarts:
    I want my money back, this poptart tasted bitter after toasting. After throwing it out my garbage reaked like death.

  4. well now that the cats out of the box i might as well tell you that you are all out of poptarts

  5. Caption Hmmm Flamingo on the left: I dunno Dave, I know it looks right, but it doesn’t SMELL like Mountain Dew! or Just another day in the Executive Washroom at Feathered Boas, Inc.

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