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  1. Haaa,Haaaa,Haaaaaaa!!…Wait, I got another one…So a Moose, a Deer, and a Mountain Lion walk into a bar…

  2. Ted E. Bear
    Theatre/Film/TV Acting, Dancing, Singing, Voiceovers
    Contact: Columbia Artists Management, Inc.

  3. yeah thats right im big and scary now give me your food!

    “awwwww your so cute”

  4. very true. this was a gift from a friend for when i was´╗┐ monivg home from florida in 2009 so i suppose back then it wasn’t quite so obsolete It still works perfectly, just the battery dies fast and i can deal with that! But nothing replaces the weight and feel (and satisfaction of turning a page) of a book in my hand in my opinion of course

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