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  1. are you seeing that thing swimming round and round?
    maybe we can reaching in and make it drown!

  2. This photo is trying to say that even though life can be bad, life is always better with a friend.

  3. Kitty 1: Do you think the humans know we ate the fishies?
    Kitty 2: I have an idea…let’s pretend to be fishies, maybe they won’t notice?!
    Kitty 1: BRILLIANT!

  4. Cat1:dude u tld me there were gonna b fishes in here
    Cat2:dude i no i said tht but i think the humans new…
    Cat1:aw crap im stuck..OH CRAP THE HUMANS R COMIN!!

  5. Walmart’s new pet sections is AMAZING!

    Kitten’s are a full $2 cheaper than anywhere else AND they come 2 to a pack!!

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