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  1. “I sure hate Communism cuttle buns”, ” So do I fluffy so do I”.
    Due to over cat population and we had to make kitty apparments just like the chinese.

  2. “Isn’t the world beautiful, do you ever just look at the sky and wonder where it all comes from? Hi, we’re from the church of latter day saints and were wondering if you had a moment to talk about the benefits of our organization”

  3. Ouch! Your Leg is on my butttttt! 🙁

    Well get it off!! >;(

    Woah, guys, guys, keep the peace, ok? Its bad enough our owner locked all of us other cats up with you two.


  4. “Fluffeh….U run awound the side and sea if you can find zeh key…Erryone else, you juss sit heer and act lyk nuffin is happeneng! Gotz it? Okaiy..GO!!!”

  5. Top: Do you see that?!
    Middle: Where?
    Top: There!
    Bottom: No, I’m pretty sure it’s over here.
    Middle: Nah, it’s here!
    Top: Oh, good grief.

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