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  1. I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test and found that I am an INFJ. I do find this quite appropriate as I do enjoy spending a substantial amount of time alone. Everyone else is simply intolerable and riding this yellow friend of mine because he doesn’t interrupt me and he’s a great listener.

  2. horse: hey man lets me take you around town we can walk…..
    Panda: man you cant go no where
    horse: well y not
    panda: im gonna let ya in on a little secret ok
    horse: ok ok
    Panda: (shouts) YOU DONT HAVE ANY HOOVES
    horse: oh yea (cries) (sniffles) … well can u carry me
    panda: (sigh)no

  3. Bet you didn’t know I could ride it like this huh? yeah i’m talented I know..

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