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  1. Reporter: ‘You are a very special dog, could you tell us a bit about the work that you do?’
    Dog: ‘Sure. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for having me on your show. I am a qualified early childhood educator and I also teach parenting courses.’
    Reporter: ‘We have a photo of you here at work, is it unusual for you to allow children to draw on you in this way.’
    Dog: ‘Not at all. Children are very loving, creative and resourceful people and need to be allowed to express themselves.’
    Reporter: ‘But children need boundaries too, where do you draw the line?’
    Dog: Before I tell a child “no” I ask myself: “is what the child wants to do actually harmful, dangerous, damaging, disrespectful to themselves, others or the environment? Or, will it put obstacles in another’s way?” If the answer is no then I ask myself: “Well, why not?” In the case of this child drawing on me they approached me and asked my permission to do some body art on me. So, I made some time available. We had a wonderful time and we got positive comments and conversations all day from other children, teachers and parents.
    Reporter: (smiles) you must have a lot of patience.
    Dog: (smiles and nods her head)
    Reporter: What are some of the qualities that make a good teacher?
    Dog: Love, patience, kindness to name a few. Oh, and to practice the art of paying attention and really listening.
    Reporter: That’s all we have time for tonight, thank-you for being on our show it was a real pleasure to have you. I think there is much we can learn from you and we all wish you continued success in the work you do with children and their families.
    Dog: (nods head) Thank-you very much.

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