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  1. Every second that you waste on this website is a second closer to dying.
    It’s not like you have anything to live for, that’s why you are here.

  2. Mother to child: Now you go to your room for 10 minutes, and think about why you shouldn’t lie!
    Mother to self: (The bunny ate the cookies, 5 years old and already lying, what’s a mother to do?)

  3. So..this is what the cookie monster turns into when he doesn’t get his cookies..

  4. k im juss sayin. but i googled im sad. I didnt google a bunny eating cookies. Thanks for dropping the ball google search engine… thanks.. XD

  5. “Tricking Aunt Millie into thinking that I preferred vegetables was a sound strategy,” Frost thought, twitching her nose with satisfaction.

  6. heycarrots get boring cookies give me a lil kik y all carots do is giv me the toots

  7. Hey! We don’t stare when ur eatin a carrot soooo…yea, move along nothing to see here.

  8. I’ll just have one… maybe another… and another….

    Oh no! They’re all gone 🙁

    Oi, Bob. Go get some more cookies! And a cup o’ tea would be nice too.

  9. you try and take away my cookies and i’ll make sure the rest of your meals are raisin flavoured. that is a threat.

  10. Heh Heh Heh…April Fools Santa…you just wait until December when you see your plate’s empty.

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