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  1. why did my owner put the put the peakachoo photo in the blinds? She MUST have known this would happen. Now I will get all the blame when she is charged for new blinds upon vacating this boring apartment.

  2. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr trying to get troo dis. why cant i get troo dis? ugh stupid blinds. these are stupid idiotic, mentally challenged blids. beat you up blinds, ILL BEAT YOU UP! oh you want some? you want some? well, HERE YOU GO! oooh! nice view up here. i think ill just, just chill here for a while. ill just stay here for a while.

  3. Oh! Uhh…I wasn’t trying to spy on you…honest! I was just…erm… playing hide-n-go seek, ya!…hehe…eh…

  4. Thiz iz none of your concern, I needz no help. I can get down myself.
    *wiggles and squirms*
    Ummm, maybe i do need ure help.
    *gets cat down*
    I will get my revenge!
    *Climbs up and attacks blinds*
    Can someone turn on a movie and bring popcorn? Im just gonna stayz up here for a bit.

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