120 Replies to “7”

  1. Oh no… NO NO… i wasn’t the one who stole the 23 cookies you baked this morning…. *Cough* oh crap
    -runs away-

  2. I want to cut myself and these stupid picture are not helping plus im really flipping drunk yay

  3. Me no Cookie Monster! Me no have googly eyes, see? Me have cute, beady eyes! Me Bugsy Bunny! Err…What’s up, doc? …Look! Behind you! a snuffy! …Arramnyamnyamnyam! *Slurp!*

  4. Oh yes, Aunt Betty! These fat free, sugar free, taste free cookies are hard to say no to. Oh God. Just chew, smile and make yum sounds.

  5. Nuts i’m spotted or
    Stay very still and maybe they won’t know i’m here

  6. “Don’t worry–it’s a fair trade–one cookie for five rabbit turds in your slippers.”

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